PhD research blog about the local and global sustainabilities on the Arctic seal hunt, crafts & trade.

With this PhD research, I study how local and global sustainabilities are formed, how they differ and how power is distributed between them. Sustainabilities are studied through the Arctic seal hunt, crafts and trade with the aim in understanding how they could complement—instead of conflicting with—each other.  Local perspectives are conducted with Kalaallit in Greenland and with a Finnish sealing community in Himanka. The global perspective is formed from the statements by international actors connected to the European Union’s regulations on seal trade. 

Latest Posts

Meeting of the eldest seal hunters in Himanka

Just before holidays in July I received a message from Sauli Ojatalo: I was welcomed to listen Himanka’s eldest seal hunters’ story telling evening. Because the research-through-practice part of the research had been postponed earlier, I thought that this could be a good opportunity to combine both activities into the same journey. Luckily, the weekendContinue reading “Meeting of the eldest seal hunters in Himanka”

Greenland Science Week 2021

Greenland science week (GSW) 2021 was arranged 1.-7.11.2021 in Sisimiut and 8.-14.11.2021 in Nuuk, bringing together Arctic researchers, politicians, citizens and business through workshops, talks and cinema. GSW also enabled participation to some young researchers who were in the beginning state of their research in Kalaallit Nunaat. I was lucky (and happy!) to be among them, which gave me an opportunity to introduce and receive comments on my research in the Arctic Research Days conference in Nuuk. Beside of the conference, I was able to visit Greenland for the first time, establish research network and foremost, discuss with locals about seal hunt, trade and crafts; and to ask if/how my research could beContinue reading “Greenland Science Week 2021”

Wrapping-up the year 2021

It has been a while since I posted anything on this blog. It has been a busy year and it is unfortunate that sometimes it is hard to find time to write the blog, although when I do, I really enjoy it, because it is a nice break from the academic writing style. Also, writing a blog is a great way to stop andContinue reading “Wrapping-up the year 2021”

Workshop in Himanka

About a week before midsummer celebration, I met with the seal hunters in Himanka to discuss about the results of the interviews and its analysis. This was my second trip to Himanka, because my previous plan to return to Himanka during the Spring seal hunt was canceled because of the alarming COVID-19 situation in Finland.Continue reading “Workshop in Himanka”


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